About Limniona (by Vinifera - Limniona & Assyrtiko Organic Greek Wine specialists)

Limniona is an ancient red-wine grape originated from central Greece. A spicy, intensely flavoured grape that is arguably the most upcoming and interesting red vine currently in Greece. A capricious vine to grow and yield-control is essential to control its quality (see Vinifera’s green harvest). A late ripening variety (a month after Syrah) with thin skin, where viticulture is essential to succeed phenolic ripeness. A high aromatic wine, elegant enough to express uniquely both its terroir and its winemaking techniques. In Vinifera we prefer to mature our wines, allowing Vinifera-Limniona to express its full potentials. Our single varietal organic Limniona produces a complex wine with silky tannins and elevated notes of violet, black cherry and chocolate. With further ageing its tertiary flavours evolve to liquorice and dark chocolate. Our organic Limniona-Syrah blend aims for a more medium-bodied wine with less tannins, which is easier to be paired with the Mediterranean cuisine.  

Note that Limniona is not the same grape as Limnio and as DNA analysis has shown, those two grape varieties are not related.