Our Commitment

To produce timeless Natural wines from indigenous Greek grape varieties through Organic Viticulture.

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Our Story Begins

Efstathia Dimaka established the first vineyards and start distributing wine across Boeotia. Her focus was mainly on easy drinking, high yield, white grapes varieties, such as Roditis and Savatiano.


Assyrtiko / Muscat

We start introducing to our vineyards more aromatic white Greek grape varieties, such as the top-quality white grape variety Assyriko and the highly aromatic Muscat.


Limniona / Syrah

High quality, low yield, red grape varieties are introduced to our Vineyards. Limniona, one of the noblest Greek grape varieties, started blending with the powerful Syrah.


Oak Barrels / Stainless Steel

Vinifera started focusing on French oak barrels maturation and temperature controlled fermentation through stainless steel vats. 


Organic Wines

Our vineyards designated with the organic certification and our journey as an artisan winery, specializing in indigenous Greek grape varieties, produced through organic viticulture, begins...


Limniona - Syrah / Limniona (2017)

We introduce to the market our organic wines Limniona (2017) and Limniona-Syrah (2017)


First Awards

Received our two first awards in internantional wine competitions, namely Gold Metal at Concours International de Lyon and Bronze at International Wine Challenge

Our Family

A Family-Run, Artisan Winery
Organic Limniona-Syrah-2018 (Case of 6 Bottles)

Organic Limniona-Syrah-2018 (Case of 6 Bottles)


Vinifera Winery

The finesse of Limniona is blended distinctively with Syrah, creating an elegant wine with velvety mouth and delicate notes of cherry, clove and walnut. Matured for at least 12 months in French oak barrels, this is an exceptional wine to drink now but is also suitable for further ageing.

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Organic Mix Case of 6 Bottles Limniona Experience

Organic Mix Case of 6 Bottles Limniona Experience


Vinifera Winery

Mix case of 2 bottles of Limniona 2018 and 4 bottles of Limniona-Syrah 2018.


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Organic Limniona - 2018  (Case of 6 Bottles)

Organic Limniona - 2018 (Case of 6 Bottles)


Vinifera Winery

This Limniona is distinctively elegant, full-bodied with silky tannins and elevated notes of violet, black cherry and chocolate. Matured for at least 12 months in French oak barrels, this is an exceptional wine to drink now but is also suitable for further ageing.

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Vineyard: Tseres

Region: Distomo, Viotia, Central Greece

Planted: 2014

Acreage: 0.7ha 

Altitude: 400 meters

Soil: Alluvial

Varietal: Limniona

Growing Technique: Organic (Certified by BIO Hellas)

Harvest Technique: Hand harvesting in small bins

Harvest period: End of September

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Our Winery

10is Iouniou
Distomo, Greece

Visits: By appointment only 



To affirm our quality of product and service, as well as our dedication to organic viticulture

Quality Management

ISO 22000:2005

Vinifera has been inspected and conforms with the requirements of the standard of ISO 22000:2005 for wine production.

Organic Certification


Vinifera has been controlled and certified by BIOHellas with an organic designation for all its wines.